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Huddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms Toronto

Huddle Rooms

Hundreds of Thousands of meetings happen every day with 20% running late because of technology issues. 88% of meeting attendees are frustrated with technology.

We offer  complete huddle rooms that are affordable and easy to use.

While huddle rooms come in various setups, there are some commonalities, her some:

  • 6 or less users
  • Adhoc scheduling
  • 45 – 60 minutes per session
  • They need to be easy to use
  • In-room and remote collaboration
  • Multiple huddle rooms per corporate location
  • Average total cost between $7 - $15k per room all included:
  • Small conference table (huddle table)
  • Support devices: Video screen, Connection Boxes
  • Cabling and Connection boxes for any kind of terminal, PC or Tablet: Fiber Optics, USB, HDMI, VGA

The need for Meeting Rooms, Huddle Rooms

  • Employees are increasingly working remotely, forcing external collaboration.
  • 50% of the workforce hold jobs that could be done remotely
  • 80 – 90% of employees would prefer to work remotely
  • The average Fortune 1000 employee spend less than 50% of their time at their desk
  • Employee working from home has increased by 103% since 2005
  • 3.7M employees (2.8% of the work force) now work from home at least 50% of the time
  • The employee population grew by 1.9% from 2013 to 2014; however, the telecommuter pool grew by 5.6%