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Steelcase V1 Remanufacturing Process

Steelcase V1 Remanufacturing Process
Used seating is un-assembled. Foam is steamed and sterilized. Old fabric removed. New fabric is applied.
New parts are installed and Chair is reassembled

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  • Chair is remanufactured office seating to new OEM standards
  • Over 90% of the original chair is reused or recycled minimizing environmental impact
  • Old seating is removed at no cost zero landfill
  • Chairs qualify for LEED certification points
  • Certification points
  • Chairs that fail our inspection process are disassembled and recycled
  • 2 year warranty
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Re-Manufacturing Process

  • Used seating is un-assembled
  • Old, worn out or broken parts removed for recycling
  • Foam pads are steamed and sterilized
  • Old fabric removed
  • New fabric is applied
  • New parts are installed
  • Chair is reassembled
  • Tags are replaced

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