SHOWROOM: 134 Cartwright Ave - North York, ON

ZIRA Management - IDM-02

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ZIRA Management IDM-02, Office Desk and Workstations Storage, North York, Toronto

The new Zira is ideal for almost any office application, including shared teaming areas and open plan environments.

  • Components can be freestanding for single workstation configurations, or joined together to form multiple work groups.
  • A beautiful productive office can also be a highly organized office.
  • Storage can be added where needed, whether attached to the work station or designed elsewhere in the work environment.
  • With such an extensive array of components and options, the new Zira can accommodate small spaces through tall spaces — and of course, everything in between.
  • By adding vertical storage components to the work surface, you can create added privacy within the office environment. Select options such as pigeon hole storage, closed door hutches, open display shelves, and fabric tack boards to personalize your work space and fulfill all your storage and organizational requirements.