SHOWROOM: 134 Cartwright Ave - North York, ON

Glazed Panel

Glazed Panel 3/4”. Thick Glazed Panel

3/4” Thick Glazed Panel

Product Code To Fit Actual
GP2412 24”X12” 17.5”X12”
GP3012 30”X12” 23.5”X12”
GP3612 36”X12” 29.5”X12”
GP4212 42”X12” 35.5”X12”
GP4812 48”X12” 41.5”X12”
GP5412 54”X12” 47.5”X12”
GP6012 60”X12” 53.5”X12”
GP6612 66”X12” 59.5”X12”
GP7212 72”X12” 65.5”X12”
Product Code To Fit Actual
GP2418 24”X18” 17.5”X18”
GP3018 30”X18” 23.5”X18”
GP3618 36”X18” 29.5”X18”
GP4218 42”X18” 35.5”X18”
GP4818 48”X18” 41.5”X18”
GP5418 54”X18” 47.5”X18”
GP6018 60”X18” 53.5”X18”
GP6618 66”X18” 59.5”X18”
GP7218 72”X18” 65.5”X18”